Will a professor at the university of ontario be near the strike?

The University of Ottawa will be in the legal position from Monday, 30 October

This is after the overwhelming majority of part-time professors voted in favour of the mandate of the strike, in accordance with this

The APTP and UofO were in the contract negotiations for 14 months, according to Sean Philip Hunsdale, Director of APTP Communications

"Ninety-two percent of the professors voted for the strike mandate," Hundsdale said. "We therefore hope that the University will return to the table with greater flexibility."

Huntsdale said that the negotiations were being conducted around wages and job security for part-time teachers. This is similar to the situation that prompted more than 12,000 teachers in 24 colleges in Ontario to begin the last strike

"It all comes down to the money," says Carlton, Professor Catherine McKercher, an expert in trade unions. " We have a public university system that was underfunded, especially at the college level. Universities are trying to cope with the colosed standards of pressure and performance that make their budgets a part of how many students are enrolled in programs. "

" This occurs not only in Ontario, but also in other parts of Canada, the United States. We see the corporatization of the university. "

" In fact, this is not a sustainable model in the long term, and it refers to the pressure of the business type on the public education system. It's not just in Ontario, it's happening in other parts of Canada, the United States. We see the corporatization of the university. "

These negotiations are held between the Council of Employers of the College (CEC) and the Ontario Public Service Union (OPSEU), representing the teachers. You can find complete information about the strike and the OPSU requirements

According to OPSEU

" The balance between full and off time has changed significantly compared to my time. At present, the number of full-time students is currently not working. The number of applications is already running. And in places where this is not done, these are timers, " said McKercher

McKercher stated that part-time staff and contract employees were still employed in the industry and brought current skills and practices

"For me it's not 'us' or 'it' is a situation, but it has to be a balance," she added

Work on time is defined as anywhere from 6 to 12 school hours per week with tariffs in the range of $54.16 to $142.86. (United States dollars)

The lowest end of the wage scale is paid in less than $20,000 at home; below the poverty line in Ontario

But in fact, the staff at the highest level of this payment scale will be only about $50,000 a year before tax. The lowest end of the wage scale is paid in less than $20,000 at home; below the poverty line in Ontario

In addition, contract instructors do not receive hospital days or benefits

Many employees of Sheridan College are contracted at 3 or 4 different colleges. It's called college contour

"I've been extended every seven or eight weeks."

Even though she now has a full workplace, a professor at the Sheridah College, who wants to remain anonymous, tells us that it took some years of unstable contract work

Some ESL teachers are not the last semester, our anonymous source informs us. "I've been extended every seven or eight weeks."

The professors say it can be paid-no one knows where the next check will come from

"When you're worried about whether you have a job in a month or you're working on two jobs, you can't concentrate entirely on what you've been teaching," said Professor Mark Kohza. He's a full-time professor at the Sheridan College, but he works like a professor in the past and understands the damage he can get

Brandon Amiot, recently graduated from George Brown's college, said most of their teachers work part-time, and that many of them are forced to work with additional jobs to help make ends meet

"They were there because they wanted to be there, not money," said Amyot

In addition, EUFOR calls for an increase in the number of support staff, such as advisers and librarians, for students

Another chip in the treaty table is the academic freedom of professors and teachers in colleges

In the case of the precarious work of contractual personnel, they do not limit themselves to colleges. The Canadian Association of University Lecturers (CAUT) reported that about half of all students studying in Canada were teaching

The contract professor is on average one-third less than a full-time professor, teaching the same course

Part-time contracts and teachers do not earn as much as their full-time Professors of the contract are on average by a third less than a full-time professor by teaching the same course

However, various unions represented lecturers at various universities. Thus, at the discretion of teachers in individual institutions, strikes or strikes are necessary

The University of Laurentian

"It's not radical what we're asking," said the professor for the contract, who asked not to be named, fearing consequences. "It would be nice to have a contract for eight months instead of a four-month period." As a father of three, he is looking for more stable stability than he currently has as a contract professor

Your school year

For students, the impact of the impact includes the lost time of the class and the cancellations of the cone, and may also mean a long academic year

Over the past 50 years, the faculty of the faculty has had only three strikes: September 1984, October 1989 and

"The strike affects my training," said Emily Peterson, "Public Studies" at the Algonquin College. "Everyone has spoiled and strained, because I have the median I have to do, but I have no idea what's going on either with any of them or on any of my orders."

The CEC is calling a strike

The CEC is calling a strike

In addition, the CEC reported that 50:50 employees will reduce the number of contractual positions that they will receive a full working day, which will eventually lead to a job loss

However, the professors say that these are students who suffer when their professors cannot find work


For some students, such as Amyot, a strike means annulable cancellations

"This is definitely upset," said Amyo. "We have the opportunity to celebrate something that we have achieved."

McKercher senses when the anger of students can be understood. There is also a lack of understanding of the position of temporary timers

" Most of the young Canadians do not receive education on labour issues, so they do not understand what trade unions are, what they do and what they do. He must be part of the community class, unfortunately, that's what people don't get. I think the students understand better the position of the teacher if they get an education, " McKercher said

Despite his disappointments, Amiot said that they supported teachers in the strike

"I want this decision to be made quickly, but I want it to be corrected correctly," said Amyot, who said strikes are more frequent and more frequent in the last few years

Sara Hartman (Sarah Hartman), a marketing student at Fanshama, said her fruit was affiliated with colleges, not teachers or

"They still say that the top priority is to train students," Hartman said. "But this is clearly not the case if the talks were hit where the teachers felt they had to strike."

The profiler will attempt to obtain information within a shorter period of time

Hartman is also concerned about the workload when the classes resume. The profiler will attempt to obtain information within a shorter period of time. She said she was trying to get as much work as possible, but it was difficult without staff support

In the end, a strike is a constant and frustrating process for both staff and students.  At present, Pat Kennedy, President 415, of the OPSEU section, is currently located in the picket lines in the Algonquin College. About 500 part-time employees marched. He understands the student's frustration and also feels them

" It's clear that students are angry, they must be upset. The college said they would give them a 15-week term, and they won't do it. They have a right to be angry. But we received support from students in school. They all support their teachers as a whole, " Kennedy said

" Equal pay for equal work for full timers is a recurring problem. But this time, we're really gonna focus on something. We also want to create a senate for timers. They already have Sheridan, he's not worth anything, but they don't want to talk about it. We also have pensioners who come and ask for life insurance plans through school. This is a hundred percent paid for by a physical person, not at the University of 5 cents. But this is their attitude, " Kennedy said

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